Specification of our stone

   Compressive Strength 2500 PSI = 3000 PSI (UBC No. 26-10, 1, 4).
   Tensile Strength 600 PSI (ASTM-C190).
   Water Absorption 13% to 15% (UBC No.32-12).
   Thermal Resistance R=1.24 (using lightweight aggregate) ASTM-C177-71
   Shear Strength 120 PSI to 130 PSI (ASTM-C482)
   Fire Rating Zero flame spread, zero smoke, and zero fuel
   Freeze/Thaw Less than 1% (ASTM-C67-83)
   Weight Approximate Shipping weight 6-12 lbs. per sq.ft. (Using lightweight aggregate)

*We have 25 years warranty for all our products.

Stone veneer selling in Toronto and Chicago

The facade of any building is its “face”. Therefore, before deciding how the facade will look like, it is worth to think about what impression about you, it has to make. If you want it to be a mark of a successful, positive, wealthy person, you should choose a stone veneer facade. So, you can buy natural or artificial stone. It is a stone tile that is easy to use and has a great view.

If for the exterior decoration will be used a natural stone facade decoration, it should be planned at the stage of construction of the building foundation. Natural stone is heavy, so the foundation of the building should be solid and thorough. Natural stones are more expensive than artificial stones, and it is not always a good investment. Artificial materials can also successfully decorate your home for a long period. Therefore, it will look really prestigious, elegant and tasteful. In addition, the artificial decorative stone facade is not less resistant to negative influences of environmental factors, such as temperature changes and high levels of humidity. It is also an environmentally friendly choice. It will not release harmful substances and therefore do not need to worry about the health of your family.

The cost of facade decorative stone depends on its type. This may be an artificial dolomite, rock, canyon, slate, marble Yorkshire stone and brick.

The advantages of artificial veneer stone for the facade

Artificial facing stone is a material that is used for cladding buildings. The structure and appearance of the artificial stone is an imitation of the natural material. Like natural stones, an artificial material has a wide range of colors and a variety of textures.

Characteristics of artificial stone veneer for the facade

Artificial exterior stone veneers have many advantages. Thus, for example, an artificial stone is much lighter than natural. The cost of the artificial stone facade at times less than natural, but looks the same, it can be distinguished only by careful examination.
The material of this type is more convenient for installation because it is made specifically for tiling.
Artificial stone is perfect for lining the facade of the building and the foundation for the design of the structure; also stone tile is ideal for the decoration of a country cottage, office space or interior of the apartment.
Veneer stone will serve as protection of the outer surface of buildings from the aggressive exposure to environmental factors.

On top, the material perfectly preserves the appearance and color. Artificial stone long retains color, because the material is designed using advanced technologies.

Exterior stone veneers or natural stone tile in decorating houses

The quality of decorating the facade with the veneer stone or stone tile depends on the accuracy of the technology. So, you first need to prepare the frame, if the stone is attached to it, or the insulation is used, then it will be necessary to process and prepare the surface of the material.
It should be remembered that if the amount of adhesive that is used in the work is in an insufficient amount, the material exfoliates with time.

It is also necessary to perform the work only in the temperature range from five to twenty-five degrees Celsius.
Artificial stone is much different in price to the cost of a natural material. Although the only thing it is inferior to it, it is in service durability and resistance.

Veneer stone fireplace is also very popular and looks great. So you can make your home practical and beautiful inside as well as outside.

So if you want a perfect facade decoration using veneer stones and stone tile our company in Toronto and Chicago will do the best to make your dream come true. We will advise you which color is best suited for the house located in the shade of trees or built on a hill. We have in the sale a lot of stone tiles and different veneer stones that you have a big range of colors and materials to choose and make your home perfect. Our masters will do the work quickly and it will surprise you with quality and price.

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