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Welcome to ECOSOL Stone a high quality stone veneer proudly made in Canada, that’s designed for residential and commercial uses. Over 80 years stone veneer existing in north America, and we use high end technology for manufacturing, that’s why our stones look like natural and more affordable for customers. ECOSOL Stone will perfectly match with brick, stucco, siding & wood panels.



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ECOSOL Stone provides the best installation services. Using our product, ECOSOL Stone does professional installation in timing manner. For more information please contact ECOSOL Stone Ltd. representatives at 416-840-7627.

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Stone veneer Toronto manufacturer

If you dream of a country house, first of all, you have to think carefully about what purpose the future building will be used for. If this is a holiday home for a seasonal stay is one project, permanent home is another.

Veneer Toronto Stone is an inexpensive, durable, and attractive building material that is widely used in residential construction. Unlike innovative synthetic alternative building materials, its reliability and durability have been proven in practice. It was used to build important administrative objects and buildings in pre-revolutionary times. Many of them have survived and become architectural monuments. It suits four main tasks in the construction of the house: wall construction; insulation; finishing; decor.

Stone veneer houses are ecological, comfortable, and reliable housing, which hardly requires additional heat and sound insulation. Such buildings began to be built centuries ago, and their quality and durability have been tested over time. Consider where shellfish houses are popular when to choose one, and the difficulties that can be encountered.

Benefits of a Toronto limestone veneer

Stone Veneer is popular in modern developers as a building and finishing material for the following reasons:

Houses built of this stone remain comfortable at any time of the year and in any weather. It is a breathable material that provides a pleasant microclimate in the room – adjusts it, absorbing and giving moisture according to the situation. This indicates good operational quality.

When buying a house from this material, pay particular attention to the mark of the stone. The higher the shape of the building material, the more durable it is, but worse the heat-insulating quality.

This stone is built much faster than traditional materials, particularly bricks. It can be processed without much effort and without using heavy machinery – you can cut it with the tools you have at hand. It shows a certain simplicity in working with the material.

Toronto stone cladding looks aesthetic, so the stone-treated building looks presentable. With the help of motion limestone, unique stylish interiors are created. The Inkerman stone is used as a decorative material and as a base for architectural forms, interior elements, and facade.

It’s an affordable building material. It doesn’t take a lot of resources and it doesn’t have to use expensive, complex technology to extract it. Practically, the processes for processing the extracted material are excluded – it is simply dried, therefore the stone has a low cost.

So, the stone is free «breathes» and the extra moisture is simply displaced without destroying it. In a house with a carrot, it is always dry, as the moisture formed inside passes through the walls, and they, if wet, quickly dry. In the summer it is cool and in the winter it is warm. The material does not rot or burn, but under high temperature burns out and breaks down. Its advantages include a low price.

Key operations

As it was mentioned before this rock can be used to:

Erection of bearing walls and partitions;

Erection of attic floors requiring ease of use;

As an insulator inside or outside walls made of brick or other materials;

The external and internal lining of the walls of buildings;

Decorative elements in the interior of houses;

The objectives of landscape design;

Other opportunities.

It’s a perfectly natural Toronto limestone veneer – it’s environmentally sound and it doesn’t contain any toxic impurities. It is anti-allergenic and antiseptic – conditions favorable to the body are maintained in the stone room.

Lightness gives a deceptive impression. I think such a stone will not withstand a great static load. However, the minimum mark of the quarry is a calculated load per stone that exceeds by an order of magnitude the stone required for the lower row of a two-story building. That is, even at a minimum density, it has a safety margin of at least ten times.

Safety and security first. A strong and resilient material has a tolerable radiation background. It is a perfectly natural material – it is environmentally sound and contains no toxic impurities. It is anti-allergenic and antiseptic – conditions favorable to the body are maintained in the stone room.

Stone veneer manufacturer Toronto

Our manufacture offers the best solutions for price and quality. You won’t be sorry you decided to build such a house, or that you came to us for the stone. We know which stone works best. And we will certainly help you choose the stone. We’ll tell you all the pros and cons of using this particular material. We will also help you make the right decision, which will be pleasant throughout life and bring comfort. If you have any doubts about what you want, it’s no longer a problem. Leave the choice to the professionals.

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