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Welcome to ECOSOL Stone a high quality stone veneer proudly made in Canada, that’s designed for residential and commercial uses. Over 80 years stone veneer existing in north America, and we use high end technology for manufacturing, that’s why our stones look like natural and more affordable for customers. ECOSOL Stone will perfectly match with brick, stucco, siding & wood panels.

ECOSOL Stone appreciates beautiful look of your home as well as the value. You can choose 7 different styles & large colours variety. We provide our services in Toronto ON Canada.
ECOSOL Stone brings homeowners easy, affordable, and brilliantly designed options for decorating any aspect of their building or home

ECOSOL Stone has several advantages that costumer can use to their benefit:
– Limited warranty for 25 years
– Durability versatile
– Increase value of home
– Custom colours
– Proven reputation
– Fireproof
– Long-term energy savings
– Beautiful and realistic appearence

Ecosol Stone


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31 Haas Rd, Toronto, ON M9W 3A1 Canada


Office: (416) 840-7627 Toll free: 1-647-838-9438



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