Architectural Stone in Toronto: Stunning Backyard Ideas

There is nothing compared to natural stone for creating a stunning look of your backyard. Everything depends on the type of stone. To choose the right patio idea, take into account the entire appearance of your rear yard and surrounding landscape. Think as well about your plans to use your patio for some family needs.

Here are some ideas on how to create rustic and elegant charm for a rear yard from the Ecosol Stone Manufacturing Company in Toronto. We are always ready to help you choose the materials and do all the installation work.

Using Architectural Stone in Toronto for Paved Surfaces

The best way to incorporate natural rock into a base court design is to use it for paved surfaces. A patio decorated with rock fits the indigenous landscape around the house very well. It looks much better than concrete or brick in the countryside environment. 

Limestone, sandstone, and slate are ideal materials for the patio’s surface. They are very durable and come in a great range of colors. You can grow some ground cover (like grass or shrub) between the rock slabs. It makes the patio seem still more natural. Use flagstone for garden paths and walkways, or just consider gravel for them.

Focus on a Fire Pit Made of Natural Stone in Toronto for Your Backyard

If you want to enjoy the outdoors in a cooler season (spring or fall), arrange a stone fire pit in your backyard. Choose the style and, depending on it, think about the purpose of incorporating this element into the design. A fire pit can look like a campfire – just form a circle with stones placed on the gravel surface. It works well for new constructions when you do not need to incorporate the idea into the already existing patio. 

If you prefer a more stylish appearance, choose cut stone blocks for the pit. To add some dramatic feel, opt for sandstone, river rocks, granite, or fieldstone design. If you are short of costs a bit, just utilize concrete blocks and cap them with the natural stone veneer from Toronto.

Create a Calm Environment with a Stone Water Feature

Add some tranquility to the rear yard design – think about creating a water feature. Using architectural stone in Toronto will provide a charming countryside feel. It will match with the natural landscape. Opt for a majestic waterfall for a serious statement or a small stream for a more elegant appearance. 

A formal look can be created with a wall or garden fountain as well. There are options for ready-made rock fountains available in any home improvement store. However, it is always better to create a fountain of your own. Use natural stone veneer on a dry-stacked or mortared base. A simple pump can be installed and utilized within it.

Set Up a Retaining Wall Made of Manufactured Stone from Toronto

Suppose your house is located within a sloped landscape. Or you may just want to enclose your backyard. Add a rock wall. The patio will look cozier and more protected. The cut stone works well for those who prefer a formal and traditional look. Though, it may seem a bit polished. 

You can also opt for a more casual design. Think about irregular blocks made of architectural stone in Toronto or just natural stone veneer.

Steps Made of Stone from Toronto Can Become an Excellent Backyard Feature

When the ground surface in the backyard is a bit slant, consider adding some steps to the walkway. The purpose is double-sided – to improve the aesthetics of the rear yard decoration and to make it more functional and convenient. Architectural stone from Toronto used for landscaping also adds some native grip. Such a material prevents unnecessary worries about possible falls on the uneven and slippery surface.

There are some more nice ideas for decorating the backyard with stone. Continue with our company. Ecosol Stone Manufacturing will be happy to help you choose something great suiting perfectly for your views and purposes.


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