Decorative veneer stone: advantages and disadvantages

What is a decorative veneer stone? Simply speaking, it is a tile that simulates the surface of the cleaved natural stone; it can be provided almost in any form and structure. This tile is able to simulate practically anything, despite the fact that originally it was developed as an alternative to the natural stone; it is made as to both natural stone and brick, and even as the cut of wood. It get the widespread due to the low cost, quite attractive appearance, simple manufacturing technology and a gluing – all of this we will discuss in this article having a detailed look on this material and the peculiarities of its use on your own.

As mentioned above, the main advantage of the decorative veneer stone for the exterior works is its cost; this stuff can be purchased for the price of a regular tile of a medium category and at the same time it will be of a quite high quality. In addition, the following advantages also can be attributed to the veneer stone.

Light weight. At least this is the opportunity of facing the light, not quite durable surfaces, – for example, this tile suites for facades insulated with polyfoam or with mineral wool of a high durability, plasterboard and other similar surfaces.

Environmental friendliness. The tiles of this type are nothing like stucco, which is made from a conventional plaster – it is decorated with paints and penetrated on the basis of water dispersion. No chemicals during the production of the material, or in the course of its operation.

Relatively high technical specifications. This is, of course, not a concrete and not bricks of baked clay, but due to its characteristics the tiles serves for a long time. It is strong, resistant to changes in temperature and humidity. It is possible to damage it only in two cases – deliberately or even before sticking to the surface.

Not having a solid base, the tiles are quite easy to break in hands – this point should be considered in the process of works conducting and transportation of the tiles.

Also we should not miss such advantages of this material as a wide range of decorative possibilities (tile of this type can have a different appearance and even extravagant painting), the simplicity of self-gluing, and even making with own hands.

The last point is at the same time also a disadvantage, because thanks to a simple technology of plaster tiles manufacturing it is produced widely, even in the garage or a private home. The difference between the factory and garage plaster tiles can be quite substantial. We offer only high-quality product!

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