How to cover decorative stone: finishing and additional decor

As mentioned above, decorative artificial stone can have a different type of surfaces – some material is already fully ready-to-use and has an applied decorative-protective layer of paint and varnish, and the other is, so to speak, semi-finished products, which the master can decorate on its own. This is to ensure that the answer to the question how to cover the decorative stone of plaster fully depends on the type of surface: some material is quite simply to varnish, and the other should be painted.

Veneer stone painting. In most cases, it is carried out with the use of water-based paints. The most important point here is the technique of applying. Veneer tile can just be rolled up with paint in a single tone, but you can also decorate it adding each of its performances and the cavities your own shade. This is pretty exhausting occupation, which is done using a special tool at the production – it is better to buy painted tiles and after laying it down on the wall put on only a protective layer.

Protection of decorative stone. First of all it is paint protection, i.e. appearance. It is held usually with varnishes; the most commonly the material of this type is used: water soluble varnish that is used to handle the plaster stone inside the premises. For the exterior you can use usually the common varnish or an azure that can add the surface quite deep look.

There are other materials that allow you to solve the issue effectively, what should we use to paint the decorative plaster stone? For example, the penetration of concrete painted is at least the stable painting for a long time without additional polishing.

And at the end of the topic about the decorative plaster stone, a few words about its independent production. It can be produced quite simply, and if we do not go into details this process can be represented in this way. A liquid solution is prepared from the plaster and poured into forms where it hardens; so that the ready-made product has a high strength, the plaster should be put in forms using the fine vibration.

In general, everything you will need for manufacturing of veneer tiles with your own hands are the forms, vibro-grinding machine (for dense mixture shrinkage), and that is all. Naturally, you will need the tools to paint and the mixture itself, and the finishing or starting filler can be you used for that. If you produce the stone for home, then the grid reinforcing will give the durability to the product.

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