How to Create a Fireplace Mantel

Winter is coming soon. It is a high time to think about cozy and relaxing spare time snuggling up in the living room with a stone fireplace mantel perfectly installed and decorated. You can spend your time there with friends or family, alone, with your pet, or a favorite book. That is why it is great to know how to create a great-looking mantel for your fireplace to make it look still more attractive and stunning.

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What Style to Choose Creating a Mantel from Stone in Toronto

The variants of creating a stylish fireplace mantel are numerous. Decorating the fireplace with limestone veneer from Toronto Ecosol Stone Manufacturing can be one of the best options. Natural limestone looks gorgeous and feels great in the interior design of any home style. You can opt for Mediterranean, English, Tuscan, rustic, French Louis, or other styles.

Create a special atmosphere with a fireplace mantel made of decorative stone in Toronto. The ideas can be used for new constructions, living room refurbishing or redecorating, or just for adding some fascinating detail to the already existing fireplace.

How to Make a New Natural Stone Veneer Mantel for Your Fireplace

You can create a stone mantle for the fireplace in about three days if you are used to doing things yourself (DIY). These tips and instructions are sure to help.

Before starting work, consider the availability of necessary tools. You may need a cordless drill, a trowel, a wire brush, rubber gloves, safety glasses, an impact driver, a tape measure, and some more items. You can buy them in the nearest hardware store.

  1. Start with making a ledge. It will be fastened to the face of a fireplace and serve as a holder for a mantel. Cut the cleat with a miter saw using the size of the mantel. Use framing screws to secure it together.
  2. Measure the height of the mantle. Remember that mantles are usually located 50-60” above the floor. If the fireplace is made of the natural stone from Toronto, parts of it may stick out of the surface. Mounting the ledge can become rather challenging. In this case, you may locate it a bit higher.
  3. Detect the center of the fireplace and mark it at the chosen height.
  4. Find the center of the ledge and also mark it.
  5. Use the level to make sure where the bolts should be secured. Match the cleat center to the center of the fireplace first.
  6. Now, you need to drill the holes for the bolts. If the fireplace base is made of natural stone from Toronto, you had better drill at mortar joints instead of direct drilling into the stone. Check the surface for any projections. They may make fixing the cleat challenging.
  7. Now, you can drill the holes for bolts according to the marks.
  8. Holding the ledge on its place, drill the holes going through it into the fireplace.
  9. You need to hammer special wedge anchors to hold the bolts tight.
  10. After the cleat has been fastened to the fireplace, locate the natural stone veneer mantle on it.
  11. Use the brass screws to secure the mantel.

How to Decorate a Fireplace Mantel Carved with Limestone Veneer from Toronto

The main idea of finishing and decorating a fireplace mantel is to keep it minimalistic. Do not overload the mantel shelf with too colorful and diverse things. All the items including candlesticks, clocks, vases, statues, picture frames, or decorative boxes need to be located in a certain order and match the design style of the living room. 

Too many things on the mantel and above it make the piece inaccurate and gaudy. Remember about proportion and harmony. Use your common sense to make your fireplace mantel artistic, elegant, and stylish.

In short, by using limestone veneer from Toronto or any other type of natural stone veneer for the fireplace mantel, you can create a great place in your home which will be admired by your family and guests. The experienced expert from Ecosol Stone Manufacturing can help you with making the choice of natural stone in Toronto and fireplace mantel installation.


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