How to Install Natural Stone Veneer on the Exterior Walls

You would like to turn your home into the most attractive and good-looking place in the world. Use stone veneer of high-quality to decorate the façade. It can be either synthetic or natural. The first is made of polymer products. The latter is the true stone cut into thin slices. 

Limestone is usually used for that purpose. Rarely, granite is applied for façade stone tiles in Toronto or it can be river rocks sliced with the smooth and flat backside for convenient application. The Ecosol Stone Manufacturing Company producing and installing manufactured stone in Toronto is your best high-quality option.

Preparation of Tools, Surfaces, and Materials

The time for preparations depends on the type of the surface. 

First, plan the overall look. To receive a natural-looking feeling, careful planning should consider the number of items in the stone veneer from the manufacturer in Toronto. Such an installation can turn out rather challenging. It is better to let the professionals from Ecosol Stone Manufacturing perform it.

If you are an experienced DIYer, you can do it on your own with such materials and tools on hand as:

  • the set of pieces and corners for decoration;
  • a hammer and nails;
  • a masonry trowel;
  • a wire brush;
  • metal lathe;
  • mortar sand.

You may also need a hoe for mixing, a scratch comb, a bucket, a pointing tool, and some other equipment.

Basic Characteristics of Outside Stone Veneer from Toronto

The first important feature of natural stone veneer to consider is that it does not withstand heavy weight. Unlike blocks of solid stone, it is a structural substance that can be easily broken.

Another thing to be aware of is that exterior decorative stone from Toronto is applied to sheathed constructions and should be attached to a frame. The base should consist of a metal lathe covered with mortar. That is done to attach veneer pieces reliably.

The process of preparation and installation depends on the type of product. The stone installation in Toronto is better to be performed by our experts from Ecosol Stone Manufacturing or you can do it on your own with strict following the instructions from the manufacturer.

You can mainly buy façade stone veneer in Toronto from Ecosol Stone Manufacturing in boxes that contain flat pieces of the material and molded pieces for corners.

Steps for Exterior Stone Installation in Toronto

Let us speak about the procedure of installing natural stone veneer on exterior walls.

  • Install a vapor barrier first. For houses made of concrete or bricks, it is not mandatory. Then, apply the sheets of the lathe. They are needed as a base for mortar.
  • Prepare a mortar mix from cement and sand (1: 2.25). Apply the mixture to the surface of the lathe. Leave the coat to dry out.
  • Wash the stones and locate them on a horizontal surface to check the needed layout. You can even form the whole section of the wall. 
  • Blend the mortar mixture. Prepare it from water and cement (2.25: 1). Stir it until you get the necessary consistency.
  • The mortar should be applied by a trowel and look like a thick paste to be spread evenly and smoothly.
  • Stick the stone from Toronto to the mortar. Press them firmly for at least 10 seconds each.
  • Fill the veneer joints with a grout mix. Eliminate all the voids between the stones.
  • Clean the surface and remove any unneeded mortar. Utilize vinegar mixed with water. Try to manage it within 30 minutes after the mortar and stone application before it dries out. 
  • Finish the stone veneer from the manufacturer in Toronto according to the attached instructions.

Though the installation of natural stone veneer is not too complicated, it is always better to address it to professional workers from Ecosol Stone manufacturing. Our years of expert experience will become a reliable guarantee of your right choice of materials and high-quality installation.

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