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To install the ornamental stones, which imitate natural stones and ornamental tiles, making them look like bricks, we suggest using the professional services of our company.  In case if the foremen are not ready for the work with the given type of material, a number of shortcomings can arise and that will affect the work results badly.  Our qualified workers have a perennial experience in decorating the walls with the given types of ornamental stones and tiles and making them look like bricks. That guarantees you a quality execution of the stone facing works.  The brigades of our company are provided absolutely with all the equipment, which is necessary in a work process for ornamental stone installation. The quality of our works are checked by our customers who again and again turn for a qualified help in facing the facades and interiors with stones and ornamental tiles of the ECOSOL Stone Company, making them look like bricks.

We suggest you the following types of works in installing the stones for faсade and interior:

  • A visit for measuring the object,
  • Installing the ornamental tiles brick-like,
  • Installing the granolith,
  • Installing the brick-like ornamental tile corner pieces,
  • Installing the granolith corner pieces,
  • Facing the arcs of the corner room with the brick-like ornamental tiles,
  • Facing the arcs of the corner room with ornamental stones,
  • Cutting the ornamental tiles and making them look like bricks,
  • Cutting the granolith,
  • Floating the joints of the dinging of the ornamental tiles, making them look like bricks,
  • Finish float of the joints for the ornamental stones,
  • Floating the joints of the ornamental stone dinging,
  • Surface preparation,
  • Surface preparation, i.e plastering the door, window, and arc side slopes,
  • Hydrophobisator treatment of the ornamental tiles.

Many more works are connected with installation of ornamental stones in interior and house faсade.

We will provide you with our services in installing the ornamental, natural, and architectural stones in Toronto and Miami.

The process of installing stone veneer – photo

How to glue a decorative stone: the nuances of installation

People say that the good start is already half of the work done. So here we have already bought your favourite decorative stone, which fits to our house. Now the question arises how to install it correctly. Fortunately not everything is as hard as we sometimes imagine.

The question how to install a decorative stone is solved simply enough: on the prepared surface using a comb (toothed spatula) we apply the glue, and then we simply press into the decorative stone. But the essence is not in this, and complexity, as you know, is not in the same installation. There are two things that you should pay attention in the process of facing of walls by the decorative stone and these are the corners and the joints.

Let’s start, perhaps, with the corners. You can form them in two ways: in the first case the stone veneering is placed on the principle of corners bond like in the brickwork and in the second case is when the flat end of each side items is cut at an angle of 45. The first method is the most easily and at the same time unappealing. If you want to get really high quality of stone veneer, it is better to prefer the second way of corner formation with a decorative stone.

You should not be afraid of this process, especially if it is about the plaster decorative stones. All the flaws associated with inaccurate tiles cutting are quite easy to overcome with the usual filler combined (if necessary) with a dye for water-based paints.

The things go not much harder with the decorative stone made on the cement basis. In this situation, you can fix your errors using any mix of plaster mixtures and glue for tiles that you apply for its installation. If the tile has a picture or a structure, then the last one is easy to reproduce using the same dye for with the water-based paint and a small brush.

As for the joints, usually the masters do not get preoccupied with them and we advise you the same. The fact is that any grout (even of your own manufacturing) eats in the structure of the facing material and it is nearly impossible to bring it from there. As a rule, the joints are rubbed only on that decorative stones, which provides further independent painting. But only the professionals deal with this stone.

In general, the installations of the decorative stones with own hands are quite real and available to almost anyone who knows how to use the building tool.

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