Decorative stone in the interior

When it comes to decorative rock, often it is products made from artificial materials. There has been a trend to use interior decorative rock, natural rock is steadily losing out.

Pros and cons have both – natural and artificial materials, that is why it makes sense to combine the interior materials of synthetic and natural origin.

Increasingly important furniture, utensils and accessories made of stone or imitations. They are able to create in the house a special atmosphere.

Decorative stones in a variety of interiors

There is hardly a style which would not fit into a decorative stone. Manufactured stone veneer is involved in Baroque, Classicism, Hi-Tek, Empire, Art Nouveau.

The first, who liked the decorative stone as a possible element of interior were designers and owners of clubs, bars and cafes. The most interesting  solution of using fireplace stone veneer was fireplaces and fireplace halls, bars, windows and piers. Designing the clubs and restaurants, designers and architects were able to easily reproduce the interiors of distant eras. People are more concerned about special magic stone, stone gradually began to be used in decorating private homes and apartments.

Architectural stone veneer that imitates various rocks is  involved at facing fireplaces, arches, flights of stairs. Today the situation is that when you make almost any room even fragments or inserts are made of natural stone veneer or decorative.

In order to reveal the true beauty of the stone, a special highlight is recommended. Thoroughly planned play of light and shadow creates an unusual feeling of comfort, refinement, creates the atmosphere of the family estate.

Furniture, accessories and interior attributes

You can make the room more original and comfortable using elements made from natural stone or imitations. Natural marble and other types of stone, imitation is perfect for making window sills and furniture. Chandeliers, lamps can inlay precious stones.

Some colors give a sense of calm, while others, invigorate, motivate activate. Better to discuss the advantages with our designer to choose the best faux stone veneer or other architectural stone to satisfy your needs.

Marble and granite are perfect for making exclusive shelves, countertops and cabinets. To decorate the apartment or office, you can use vases, sculptures, candle holders, ornaments, panels made of costly precious stones, jade or malachite. These things are designed to emphasize both the taste and the ability of the owner of the house. Among the spectacular luxury made of stone are sinks and wash basins, foot bath, frames for mirrors.

Our company in Toronto and Chicago will make all your wishes come true in decorating your house with all stone accessories.

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