European Castle Stone

Castle Stone (sometimes lock or key) – wedge-shaped or pyramidal element of masonry at the top of the arch or arches or flat lintels, concluded recently and locks (completes) it, then they can withstand the load. Keystone withstand compressive forces due to these forces and their form cannot fall down. Often juts plane arches, stands out in size, has ornamental or sculptural process, and this serves as a decorative feature is the decoration of flat arches and even jumpers.

Castle concluded last stone in the construction of the arch, so has symbolic meaning. Stone Castle is the emblem of Pennsylvania, as this was the last state, the thirteenth colony that voted for the independence of North American colonies.

Castle stone is used to decorate arches, windows, doors and other openings in the facade of the building. The castle is often used as a special decorative element of the facade.

The main advantages of interlocking stones from polystyrene is their affordability, ease of use, and thanks to a special coating for reinforcement – durability and long service life, resistance to environmental influences.

Our company in Toronto and Chicago has a great variety of stone veneer panels in different shapes and colors. We also propose you a lot of decorative rocks to any taste. It is very popular and practical to use our stone tile in Toronto and of course a stone tile in Chicago as well.

Our professionals will listen to all your wishes and will help you to choose the most suitable and the best-looking decorative stone to make your home not only beautiful but wealthy and comfortable.

Stone veneer panels or tiles will serve you for many years. The advantages of such material are:

  • Durability.  Frequent facelift can be forgotten.
  • Minimum maintenance. The material is antistatic, therefore it is not dust collector. To remove dirt rather dry or wet cleaning is recommended.
  • Versatility. Due to the available colors, textures and sizes can be used in any part of the room (window frames, interior arches, masking angles).
  • Easy installation. Interior walls, windows, arches, facades, loggias, angles, niche kitchen quite simple and does not impose high requirements for surface quality

Using services of our company you may be sure, that nobody will pass your house without whistling and envy and will dream about the same one.

Call us and we will gladly help you.

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