European Lime Stone

Limestone formed on the seabed as a result of the accumulation of organic residues (mainly shellfish) and CaCO3 precipitation from seawater.

Limestone is widely used as a building material, fine-grained varieties used to make sculptures. Firing limestone gives quicklime – old binder that is still used in construction.


Limestone is a kind of natural stone, which is characterized by resistance to many external factors, so it is used for interior decoration of rooms and exterior cladding of buildings. Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed of quartz mainly, but also includes clay, silica and phosphate impurities, sand particles and residues of microorganisms. Usually limestone formation occurs in the marine environment, and – due to deformation of other lime stones.

Limestone and its features

Among the main features of limestone worth noting is durability, strength and ductility. This stone is used for production of any form, aesthetics and appearance which remain unchanged for a long time. Note that due to a special natural limestone structure it has excellent antiseptic properties, so it does not “take root” harmful bacteria and fungus. Typically, the environment limestone formed from colored light colors: stone represented the full palette of beige and white, yellow and light yellow or light gray shades. Note that this stone is well adapted to low temperatures. Also malleable limestone many treatment methods, it is easy to spray, split or cut in any direction. Limestone is suitable for making handicrafts. You can handle and limestone using high-technology roasting. This way produces a variety of decorative elements with carving, relief or openwork forms, and – unique mosaics. But you should not allow the contact of limestone with acids.

The use of limestone

As a privilege, limestone used for making decorative items and interior elements, columns, stairs and railings, cornices and plinths, arches and small architectural forms. The decorative stone can be designed as part of the interior, or for placement on the local area. Despite the fact that during the initial processing of limestone can be dissolved in water, as a cladding material, this decorative rock can be used for lining the floor or wall openings of windows or doors, and – to use the premises of the conditions of high humidity (bathrooms, kitchens etc. ). Limestone is also used to implement unusual projects of landscape design. The natural surroundings combined with noble material filled with harmony and refined aesthetics that is true “element” of natural stone. In particular, you can now meet the garden paths, paved with limestone; fountains and artificial ponds, patios and fences – faced with this stone. Also perfect for limestone rock design: besides outer beauty, this Stone also is very useful, as it creates a natural circulation of water and air, as well as favorable influence on the composition of the soil.

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