Flint Rock

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The earliest history of humanity is inextricably linked with the development of the fire, studying the properties of mineral domestication of plants and animals. But only one thing gave its name to two great historical periods – Paleolithic and Neolithic. It’s a flint stone. A mineral, that allowed a man to become a king of nature. If judged in terms of mineralogy, the flint is nothing special: it is almost completely composed of silica material, color salts which provide other chemical compounds. Due to the variety of materials and a wide range of lighting conditions flint stone may be of the most unexpected form and color. Geologists describe him as “a strong tough unit”  of amorphous forms of silica.

This stone is very weak X-rayed, if you look at it, putting it in front of a strong light source. Very often it has an organic origin since silicon was part of mollusk shells. Over millions of years of sediment on the bottom of ancient seas, initially turned to opal, and then in other minerals, including chalcedony. Their color is so varied that immediately come to mind gems. Ironically, flint stone sometimes actually are used in that role, although the scope of application is different. Long ago, people noticed that it can be easily polished, and then assessing his strength, through which the mineral was used as a material for making tools and even dishes. Then people learned it right and split grind, then a flint stone became a formidable weapon, embodied in the spear and arrows.  Waves tides, rivers and rain gradually grind off a cliff, taking into crushed stone dust away into the ocean. It is entering chemicals that have found a way to the surface after the volcanic eruptions. Gradually thin silica collected in colloidal suspension, which hangs in the water. Part of this suspension is used by simple and sea clams, which needs material for building shells. Gradually was formed a flint stone. Due to a toughness of flint stone, it is possible to use it in the production of a stone implements, cobble on impact did not fly away in pieces, and split, forming a neat plate. It   gave a man an unprecedented advantage over the wild animals. And when it was open the ability to carve sparks then the people opened a new world – the world of heat, fire and security.  We hope, that you have learned how looks the flint stone. Its role in the history of our civilization is undeniable.

After examining the properties of the stone it is often used in designing and decoration of spaces both outside and from within. It is used in production of veneer stone and architectural stone veneer that is very popular in decoration of buildings. The appearance of this stone and it is amazing. Faux stone veneer is often used in decoration too.

Popularity of this stone is that it is known as a natural stone veneer.

Our company recommends you to use our veneer stone panels that will surprise you in cost and appearance. You will be satisfied by our materials and our masters that will do their best.

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