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The stone is used in decorating homes for thousands of years and never goes out of fashion. Due to the natural appearance, the house brings comfort and peace. It is currently used as a natural and artificial stone in decorating a house exterior parts and domestic.

Decorative facades – one way to individuality home and improve its performance. In addition to purely external, decorative functions, there is a number of important tasks for the protection of the building from negative environmental influences. Facing external “box” building also has a cultural and aesthetic value and are evidence of the architectural taste of the owner and the architect.

Exterior facades perform not only a decorative function, although this is very important. In most cases, external decoration of the house has a purely utilitarian purpose – namely protects the building from adverse external influences, in particular, from:

-high humidity atmospheric precipitation;

-action of ultraviolet radiation;

-penetration to the walls of mold, mildew and other harmful factors.

There are several types of protective and decorative facades. First of all, these works differ in the type of materials used, such as:

-decorative rock. Most undemanding material. Decorative stone requires the highest skill as a designer, which includes stone composition and working embody his project a reality.

-decorative elements of polystyrene foam. The use of this material for decorative facade can significantly simplify many technical issues related to the treatment, and completely focus on implementing the most daring ideas and solutions that are limited only by imagination.

facade plaster. They are used in various combinations and textures. For outdoor decoration is better touse special plaster, exterior plaster.

In the house architectural stone is used in the design of fireplaces. Today, there are many materials for decorative fireplace. One of them is facing the fireplace with stacked stone.

The price of the material is high if you choose stacked stone fireplace, but still many users just choose this way of processing.

Preferred features natural stone veneer:

Through colors, stones harmoniously fit into any design solution.

Since foreign processing fireplace in most cases, plays a crucial role, in addition to visual appeal and practicality must take into account the material.

Popularity of faux stone veneer and architectural stone veneer is incredible and has its benefits:

-Practical material

-It looks stylish.

-Used as expensive in modern interiors, and clearance of conventional fireplaces.

-The long operational period.

Simple installation, a special instruction helps to make quick installation.

Each material has its own characteristics. The choice of material depends on the design of the interior and construction itself.

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