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We offer new decorative facing material that imitates natural stone. Unique features of this material (low specific weight, strength, frost and color stability, durability, incombustibility and environmental cleanliness) – to help you make your home comfortable, beautiful and safe.

Decorative rock

For the first time, the artificial stone was used for the purpose of man to decorate the room for several millennia BC. Although at that time the technology of its production was very different from today, its appearance was very similar to real stone. And, of course, back in those days, the price of artificial stone was much lower.

A century passed and the interest of humanity to the artificial stone was not only became obliterated, but growing rapidly. First and foremost, because manufactured stone veneer does not differ from natural one, but costs much less. So buying manufactured stone veneer for repairing in the room could afford not only the extremely wealthy people but middle class too.

Nowadays the fireplace stone veneer is incredibly popular in many countries. Today, there are many technologies for the production of this stone.

Manufactured plaster stone is in demand with good reason.

First, it has a beautiful appearance. Because of this, it is used as an architectural stone  to create a decorative coating on the walls of apartments. Considering that the achitectural stone veneer has a variety of textures and colors, it can easily find its place in your premises regardless of what kind of design you choose.

Another advantage of decorative stones that  is produced from plaster is its qualitative characteristics. It has considerable strength. Therefore, you cannot be afraid that in case of a careless handling, the stone surface will be damaged – this is not so simple.

Gypsum stone surpass your expectations and significantly complement your interior.

Moreover, we offer natural stone veneer and, of course, faux stone veneer as well. So you can choose what you want.

If you are interested in this facing material, you can apply to our company in Toronto and Chicago. We offer our customers a wide range of different artificial and natural stones. Our experienced consultants will gladly help you by giving answers to all your questions.

We will surprise you not only with the assortment, quality service, bur good prices on this fascinating material.

So if you decide to buy any stone, do not waste your time and contact us. We believe our offer will interest you, and we will find a common language.

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