Why do we need facade cleaning?

Building facade is like a man appearance: if it is a bit battered it creates a general idea that something is wrong with that. The same with the house, when its walls are already faded, the colour saturation is lost, and sometimes covered with dirt; then the owner is slovenly. To avoid such thoughts, you need to do the appearance of your homes, for example, to use facade cleaners or other similar means.

Why we need cleaning

We all know that “first impressions are most lasting”, actually, so you do not only need to clean you house appearance, but also give a home its former beauty.

Why the walls are so quickly spotted?

  • Firstly, it is due to artificial air pollution: automobile gases and emissions of mills and factories.
  • Secondly, there are also natural sources of pollution: precipitation in the form of rain and snow, strong wind, pollen of plants and insects.

In some cases, cleaning of buildings facades should be done immediately: if any plant is located near your house, then its emission is mixed with the precipitation and lead to the destruction of the outer layer of the wall.

That is why the experts advise to hold annual washing of the facades. But the price for such services in the companies is quite overpriced, and the quality not always corresponds to the norms. The only rational solution remains to carry out cleaning of the external parts of the building from dirt and dust independently.

Note! A wall washing allows you to save the integrity of the construction and increase the operational term of the finishing materials, however, only in the case when using the necessary funds and following all the basic rules of the treatment process.

Different types of pollution

In order to find the best substances for facades cleaning, you should familiarize with the different types of pollution:

  • Road dust and pollen; it hits the wall with wind and gets stuck in the small pores of the finishing material for the facade.

Tip! To remove such depositions sand blasting cleaning of the facade will suites well, this in addition can prepare the surface for the installation works.

Insects and spider web are removed usually with the water, but when they are left for a while, then the petrified body parts will be a problem, you will have to apply a chemical solution.

  • Salty efflorescence and salt white plaque, which is formed after the sudden temperature changes.

Water as a purifier, in this case, is ineffective only because it has the property of repeated salt excretion. Cleaning of facades from efflorescence requires the use of special means.

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